medac Nordic grant hematology

medac Nordic grant hematology for research projects focusing on stem cell transplantation

The grant intends to support Nordic resident physicians and specialists within hematology.

The grant is 12.000 euro, and one or two projects will be awarded by the end of 2024. Applications will be evaluated by an independent scientific committee, consisting of specialists in hematology.

Applicants and application

Clinical projects within allogeneic stem cell transplantation are eligible. Research/projects involving one or more of the Nordic countries will be prioritized.

Eligible applicants for the grant are Nordic resident physicians and specialists within hematology.

Applications should contain a rationale and background of the project, the objectives, a description of methodology, timelines and a budget.

Applications will be subject to the terms and conditions described elsewhere on this webpage.

The Scientific Committee will appoint the research/project(s) which will receive funding from the grant. Decisions will be made based on majority voting. In case of a tie, the chairman will cast the decisive vote.

Announcement of the winner(s) will be made before the end of the year and potentially advertised through trade media.

The recipient (or recipients) of the grant commits to report to the Scientific Committee upon completion of the project. One year from the receipt of the funds, an interim report is to be submitted to the Scientific Committee.

Application Submission

Applications, maximum two (2) pages plus CV, should be sent to:


Applications should be submitted before October 1st, 2024, to be considered for the grant.

Terms and conditions